Sunday, August 9th, 2009


Obama health care reserved for non disabled, Representative Michele Bachmann, Congress, C-span video, Youtube video

Obama health care reserved for non disabled. From a YouTube video. “A sobering video that describes the healthcare plan and what you can expect under government healthcare as explained by Rep Michele Bachmann on the floor of Congress.”   [youtube=] 

Obama Nazi Democrat party, Michelle comment, Citizen Wells blog, email, Cook County, DNC lies, Obama lies

I really enjoyed viewing this email that has been sent to many people, including Rush Limbaugh. It is obvious that thousands of people in this country have now realized what the real Barack Obama is all about and they are not happy. Email: “I regularly blog on several sites as many of you know…..this comment from Michelle at Citizen Wells website is what I am now seeing on a regular basis…..the DemoCRAPS have lost the support of America when the FRAUD has denied all Americans transparency like he promised…..let’s startRead More

Congressman John Sullivan, Obama enemies list, Obama birth certificate, August 8, 2009, miserable health care plan, guy that can't even show a long form birth certificate

Folks, people are starting to wake up! A Republican Congressman,  John Sullivan, is questioning Obama’s health care plan and Obama not presenting a long form birth certificate. From RepubX: “Lawmaker hits Obama, ‘a guy that can’t even show a long-form birth certificate.’” “By RANDY KREHBIEL World Staff Writer Published: 8/8/2009  2:22 AM” “First District Congressman John Sullivan said Friday that the nation’s big problems can’t be solved without bipartisanship, but that didn’t prevent him from scorching President Barack Obama and the Democrats. Sullivan opened his remarks to the Tulsa Republican ClubRead More