Saturday, May 2nd, 2009


Microbiologists, experts on infectious diseases, Deaths, mysterious deaths, murders

The following list of microbiologists and experts on infectious diseases that died under mysterious causes was sent to me on March 20, 2009: #43: David Kelly, age 59. Died: July 18, 2003. British biological weapons expert, was said to have slashed his own wrists while walking near his home. Kelly was the Ministry of Defense’s chief scientific officer and senior adviser to the proliferation and arms control secretariat, and to the Foreign Office’s non-proliferation department. The senior adviser on biological weapons to the UN biological weapons inspections teams (Unscom) fromRead More

Bird Flu Distributed by Dept. of Homeland Security, video, Abany NY, Menands New York, Fattah Muslim, 3 Star retired African American General, Power hour radio, Driver had shot to protect himself and family, 109th Air Guard, FEMA trains

This is from Repubx May 2, 2009: “This report is chalk-full of explicit details. Notice the person reporting mentions a Muslim named “Fattah”, over-seeing the pick-ups of this stuff along with a 3 Star *retired* African American General. The driver, Fattah, and the retired General all get paid handsomly in cash from funds at the Bank of America. Bank of America just bought Countrywide Home-loans, who took the biggest hit during housing crisis that triggered the rest economy break-down. The Housing crisis was generated by Fannie Mae using the identicalRead More