Tuesday, March 17th, 2009


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Just in: “Mieke and Therese hosts of USAPatriots-shout, a blog talk radio program, share information that is rarely broadcast on main stream media (MSM). We believe the truth supersedes labeling, party affiliations, and “political correctness”.  Join them Sunday night as the great “Opinionators” give you their take on what’s happening with our country!    Mark your calender  you don’t want to miss this broadcast   Blogtalkradio.com/usapatriots-shout   Sunday night (03-22-09)  8 p.m. to 10 p.m. Pacific Standard Time     We are proud and honored to welcome DR. ORLY TAITZ,Read More

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More crime and corruption ties have been discovered for Vivek Kundra and the Obama White House. Thanks to Zach Jones of the ZachJonesIsHome blog for the heads up. From the Real Barack Obama blog: “Update 03/17/09 15:30 pm ET: Thanks to RBO reader jd for forwarding the link for this info: Owen Thomas at The Gawker reports that Vivek Kundra “pleaded guilty to a theft charge in 1997.”   Yusuf Acar, the D.C. computer security official accused of masterminding a multimillion-dollar embezzlement scam, told his co-conspirators that corruption was widespreadRead More

Orly Taitz interview, March 17, 2009, Steve Malzberg, Lawsuits, Chief Justice John Roberts, Justice Scalia, Obama not eligible, Birth Certificate, Obama not natural born citizen, US Supreme Court, US Military plaintiffs, Malzberg radio show

From an email we received: “We received word from Steve Malzberg that Attorney Orly Taitz will be on his show today.          As much of our country knows (and increasingly other parts of the world), she is the relentless California attorney who is seeking to have Mr. Obama release his Original Birth Certificate (and other documents) now to prove his eligibility for president, especially as our young troops are about to be sent to Mexico, as new “economic” measures are signed, etc.      So, it’s a must catch, especially withRead More