Sunday, February 15th, 2009


Obama thugs, Obama camp threats, First Amendment violations, Internet hackers, Death threats, Personal attacks, Nazi Brownshirts, FBI, USDOJ, American public demands protection, Don’t Tread on me

Over the 2008 election year and continuing to the present, Americans of all walks of life have been threatened for one reason, questioning the “messiah”, Obama, Barack Obama and his cult of alleged change has become a fanatical religion to many young people and wackos of the far left. To ask any question about Obama’s credentials or his dubious past was to appear to his cult followers as a crazed infidel. Of course, not all of those attacking inncocent Americans were just overzealous Obama worshippers. Many were paid internet specialistsRead More

West Virginia Election Complaint, WV Secretary of State, Obama not eligible, Federal Elections Commission lawsuit, WV residents participating

I was asked to post the following: “Subject: I am the Lady in WV filing Election Complaint   re: Searching for Lady in West Virginia filing Federal Elections Comm. suit (Ed, Please forward this to anyone contacting you from WV to get involved.  Thanks.) My name is XXXXX XXXXXX. I called into to Ed’s show on Feb 13 asking for residents of WV who are interesting in doing something in their state to question Barack Obama’s eligibility for the office of president. I am preparing to file an Election ComplaintRead More