Thursday, November 13th, 2008


Philip J Berg lawsuit, US Supreme Court, Obama not eligible, Supreme Court Justices, Berg appeal, Help defend the US Constitution

I just received the following email from Philip J Berg’s office. Mr. Berg’s lawsuit is one of two lawsuits currently before the Supreme Court of the United States. Both lawsuits state that Barack Obama is not eligible to be president. Here is the email: “November 13, 2008     We have received a lot of emails asking what you can do to be heard regarding the issues pending before the U.S. Supreme Court.  Although we cannot tell you to do anything, we can answer your questions and inform you whatRead More

Obama Selective Service records,, Federal agent examined, November 13, 2008, Possible Federal Crime, FOIA request, Obama fraud?

Debbie Schlussel, on her website,, has a breaking story about Barack Obama’s Selective Service record and how it may be fraudulent. Here are some exerpts from the article dated November 13, 2008: “November 13, 2008 EXCLUSIVE: Did Next Commander-in-Chief Falsify Selective Service Registration? Never Actually Register? Obama’s Draft Registration Raises Serious Questions By Debbie Schlussel“ “Did President-elect Barack Hussein Obama commit a federal crime in September of this year? Or did he never actually register and, instead, did friends of his in the Chicago federal records center, which maintains theRead More

Obama not eligible, NC lawsuit, Donald Sullivan, Lt Col, Elaine Marshall, NC Secretary of State, North Carolina Board of Elections, NC Electoral College, November 7, 2008, Class Action Lawsuit, Support and defend Constitution

Here is the lawsuit filed on November 7, 2008, by Lt Col. Donald Sullivan against Elaine Marshall, the NC Secretary of State, and the NC Board of Elections: STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA IN THE GENERAL COURT OF JUSTICE SUPERIOR COURT DIVISION COUNTY OF PENDER File # 08CV_____________     Lt. Col. Donald Sullivan, ) Plaintiff ) NOTICE AND DEMAND ) FOR v. ) INJUNCTIVE RELIEF ) (CLASS ACTION) North Carolina Board of Elections, and ) Elaine F. Marshall, Secretary of State ) For North Carolina, ) Defendants ) ________________________________________________________________________  Read More