Monday, October 13th, 2008


Jerome Corsi interview, Tonight, Monday, October 13, 2008, MommaE blog radio

From MommaE: Hi,   I just wanted to tell you that Jerome will be on tonight as I confirmed it about an hour ago.  Please post this on every Blog that you can and e-mail it to every one you know!   Here is the information for the show!   Show times areas follows5 PM Pacific   6 PM Mountain   7 PM Central   8 PM Eastern   You can just listen to the show by clicking on the Red Listen Live Button on the top leftRead More

Acorn, Obama, Stanley Kurtz, NY Post, October 13, 2008, Acorn and Democrat allies, Built Mortgage Disaster, Radical agenda, 1995, Urged on by ACORN, Congressional Democrats, Clinton, High risk loans

Stanley Kurtz has written a very compelling article of how Acorn used it’s influence with congress to push the acceptability of risky subprime loans. Here are some exerpts from the must read article: “SPREADING THE VIRUS HOW ACORN & ITS DEM ALLIES BUILT THE MORTGAGE DISASTER” “By STANLEY KURTZ” “TO discover the roots of to day’s economic crisis, consider a tale from 1995. That March, House Speaker Newt Gingrich was scheduled to address a meeting of county commissioners at the Washington Hilton. But, first, some 500 protesters from the AssociationRead More

John McCain, Wilmington NC, Town Hall Meeting, Monday, October 13, 2008, Larry Sinclair attends Town Hall Meeting, Sinclair Information sheets, Cape Fear Community College, Schwartz Center, Republican Party, No Sinclair signs allowed

Larry Sinclair made a last minute decision to go to Wilmington NC for the John McCain Town Hall meeting at Cape Fear Community College. I just spoke to Larry and he has a ticket to attend the Town Hall Meeting. Sinclair has been busy this morning passing out info sheets and talking to people near the Schwartz Center. To those unaware of who Larry Sinclair is, Sinclair alleges that he and Barack Obama had several drug and sex encounters on November 6, 7, 1999. The first encounter was in aRead More

Hannity and Colmes, October 13, 2008, Jerome Corsi, Fox, Monday, ODM document, Obama senate office, emails, Obama 2006 Kenya visit, Raila Odinga, Jerome Corsi interview, African Press, Senator Obama’s relative murdered in Kenya

** Update ** Jerome Corsi will be interviewed on MommaE talk radio tonight: Jerome Corsi will be interviewed on Hannity and Colmes on Fox, Monday night, October 13, 2008. Corsi has just returned from Kenya after being deported by the Kenyan Government. Jerome Corsi will relate information he obtained in Kenya including emails between Obama’s senate office and Raila Odinga. Raila Odinga is Obama’s cousin and during Obama’s visit to Kenya, Obama helped Odinga campaign for office as a member of the radical, leftist ODM party. Obama received anRead More