Thursday, September 25th, 2008


Philip J Berg update, September 25, 2008, Response to motions to dismiss, Radio interview, MommaE Bloktalkradio, Constitutional Crisis, standing with the complaint, amended complaint, respond in 5 days

Philip J Berg has provided updates regarding his plans after Obama and the DNC filed motions to dismiss the lawsuit. Mr. Berg released a press release last night, discussed the matter with Jeff Schreiber and was interviewed tonight, Thursday, September 25, 2008, on the MommaE Blogtalkradio show. Here are some exerpts from Philip J Berg’s press release: “For Immediate Release: – 09/24/08 Obama & DNC Hide Behind Legal Issues While Betraying Public in not Producing a Certified Copy of Obama’s “Vault” Birth Certificate and Oath of Allegiance. Country is HeadedRead More

Philip J Berg interview, September 25, 2008, MommaE, Blogtalkradio, Obama motion, DNC motion, Berg discusses motions to dismiss

Philip J Berg will provide an interview and update about the motions for dismissal filed by Barack Obama and the DNC on Wednesday, September 24, 2008. Here is the notice I received from MommaE: “Mr. Berg will be a guest on my radio show this evening to discuss the Motions For Dismissal and his plans to move forward. I am inviting every one here to the show. Especially if you would like the opportunity to hear from him directly, ask him a question or have a comment or information aboutRead More

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Stanley Kurtz has been investigating Obama’s ties to William Ayers during his involvement with the Annenberg Challenge in Chicago. The Annenberg challenge was supposed to improve Chicago schools but instead funded controversial groups like Acorn. Stanley Kurtz filed a FOIA request and after evaluating the Annenberg Challenge records has written his findings. Here are some of the highlights: Obama had most of his executive experience while working at the Annenberg Challenge. Obama does not refer to this fact. Chicago schools were not improved by the Annenberg Challenge. The money was insteadRead More

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On Wednesday, September 24, 2008, Obama and the DNC filed a motion to dismiss the Philip J Berg lawsuit that states Obama is not qualified to be president. Legal issues aside, in my opinion this is an admission that Obama is not qualified and is still a citizen of kenya and or Indonesia. Jeff Schreiber, a law student, legal writer and blog owner, has written his analysis of the lawsuit and motion to dismiss by Obama. here are some exerpts: “Unlike the way in which the defense supported the 12(b)(6)Read More

Philip J Berg press release, September 24, 2008, Obama & DNC Hide Behind Legal Issues, Country Headed to a Constitutional Crisis

Barack Obama and the DNC responded to Philip J Berg’s lawsuit with a motion to dismiss. What is Obama hiding? John McCain produced a vault copy of his birth certificate. Mr. Berg believes, as I do, that Obama was born in Kenya and is not a citizen of the US. Here is the press release from Philip J Berg: “For Immediate Release: – 09/24/08 For Further Information Contact: Philip J. Berg, Esquire Berg v. Obama 555 Andorra Glen Court, Suite 12 Lafayette Hill, PA 19444-2531 Cell (610) 662-3005 No. 08-cv-04083Read More