Monday, September 8th, 2008


Obama ODM Candidate for President, Obama going behind officials backs, Offshore Oil, Drilling, Venezuela, Chavez, Cuba, Castro, Russia, China, Obama anti-American

We have reported on Obama’s trip to Kenya in 2006, Obama lying about the purpose and the complaint from the Kenyan government. We received a report from an anonymous source that quotes Fox low key banner notes. Here is the report as sent to us: “As referred to in Part 3 “Connect the Dots” in the “Obama ODM Candidate for President” article (which can be found – with  document/video links – at logisticsmonster –  here’s today’s news (courtesy of Fox low key banner notes only);   Recap from article  inRead More

Larry Sinclair, Blog Radio Show, Thursday, September 11, 2008, Barack Obama, Larry Sinclair, Donald Young and the Bidens abuse of office

Larry Sinclair will host a blog radio show on Thursday, September 11, 2008. The theme of the show is “Barack Obama, Larry Sinclair, Donald Young and the Bidens abuse of office.” To listen to the show click here: To read more from Larry Sinclair visit: To follow events regarding Larry Sinclair and Obama, visit:

Larry Sinclair, OBAMA PLACES ME ON SECRET SERVICE WATCH LIST, Larry Sinclair was in St Paul, Larry Sinclair signs too visible?, Obama Brownshirt tactics

I know someone in the Secret Service, I will enquire into this.  Citizen Wells Larry Sinclair was contacted by an insider and notified that the Obama camp has placed Sinclair on their watch list. Larry Sinclair was at the Republican National Convention in St Paul and received a lot of exposure for his encounter with Obama in November 1999. Larry Sinclair had his sign displayed on the local Fox Affiliate site, had many photos taken, talked to numerous RNC delegates and spoke to US and foreign press. Think this mightRead More