Wednesday, June 25th, 2008


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Larry Sinclair was arrested on June 18, 2008, just after his news conference at the National Press Club. Apparently a DC warrant was fabricated to allow Sinclair’s arrest. Almost a week later, Sinclair was transported to Delaware and appeared before a judge. Sinclair was released on his own recognizance. Larry Sinclair has received 2 letters from the Social Security Administration referring to an alleged Delaware warrant dated February 5, 2008. That is just a few weeks after his first YouTube video came out. The letters were dated June 16 andRead More

Moammar Ghadafi, video, Obama Muslim, Mu’ammar Al-Qadhafi, Obama, He Should Be Proud of His African, Muslim Identity

There is a video of Moammar Ghadafi speaking about Barack Obama and the US election. Moammar Ghadafi, or Mu’ammar Al-Qadhafi, states that “He Should Be Proud of His African, Muslim Identity.” View the video and come to your own conclusions: ¬†

Reverend James Manning, Larry Sinclair news conference, Obama drug user, Crack cocaine, Obama homosexual, down low, Manning praises Sinclair

The Reverend James Manning has a new video out. Reverend Manning was at Larry Sinclair’s news conference and speaks of the sincerity of Sinclair’s presentation. Manning¬† goes on to speak of Obama’s drug addiction and homosexual behaviour. Here is the Reverend Manning video: