Monday, May 12th, 2008


WBT talk radio, Charlotte NC, Obama, Jeff Katz show, truth about Obama

Jeff Katz and Keith Larson, talk radio hosts on WBT radio in Charlotte, NC, have been discussing Obama and the danger he presents for weeks. I caught part of the Jeff Katz show today, Monday, May 12. 2008. Jeff just mentioned that if Obama wins the presidency, it may be the end of the country. I could not agree more. Jeff is bringing up aspects of Obama that the MSM is not covering. I commend Jeff Katz for the job he is doing. If you have any questions about Obama,Read More

Jeff Rense Show, Reverend Manning, Obama closet homosexual, Wright closet homosexual, James Manning interview

The Reverend James Manning will be interviewed on the Jeff Rense show tonight. Reverend Manning has a new video and states that Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright are closet homosexuals. Manning also has a few things to say about Oprah. The Reverend Manning video can be viewed here: The Jeff Rense show can be found here: