Sunday, May 4th, 2008


Meet the Press, May 4, 2008, Obama, Tim Russert, Obama forum, MSM, outrage, we want the truth about Obama

First of all, sadly, I was not surprised. Obama was given a forum to distance himself further from Jeremiah Wright and to do multiple soliloquys to talk about change and race relations without answering a question of substance. The toughest questions, about Wright, had already been addressed. This just gave Obama a forum to present polished diversionary responses. Obama was asked about the temporary gas tax removal proposed by Clinton and McCain. The real question that any 6th grader could come up with is: Mr. Obama, what action of any substanceRead More

Meet the Press, Obama, Tim Russert, May 4, 2008, Obama lovefest, soliloquys

Barack Obama was the guest of Tim Russert on Meet the Press, Sunday, May 4, 2008. Did Russert ask Obama tough questions? Did Obama answer tough questions or did he launch into another diversion of a soliloquy? Did Russert ask Obama about William Ayers? Did Russert ask Obama about Robert Blackwell? Did Russert ask Obama about Tony rezko? Did Russert ask Obama about Larry Sinclair? Did Russert ask Obama about Donald Young’s murder? Here are questions Tim Russert asked Obama: 1. Jeremiah Wright.  Russert asked a few tough questions aboutRead More