Monday, March 24th, 2008


Obama, Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, White Folks, You Owe Us The Whole Country!, racist, hate remarks

In the US, you can be sent to prison for associating with a criminal. This is called an accessory before, during or after the fact. A strong argument can be made that both Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan are criminals. At the very least they spew racist and hate filled messages that poison the minds of their followers. With all of this factual information about those that Barack Obama associated with, there are still many that defend him and tell lies to cover lies.  Listen to this YouTube video of aRead More

Obama’s healthcare plan, Clinton’s healthcare plan, universal healthcare, Canadian healthcare

I just found some great information on universal healthcare such as that found in the Canadian Healthcare System. This is the type of healthcare plan proposed by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. I have read many stories in the past about the Canadian Healthcare System, it’s inefficiencies, inadequacies and overall slow response. It is clearly inferior to healthcare in the US. Rather than me reinvent the wheel, I urge you to visit the following blog to learn more about universal healthcare:

Rasmussen poll, March 24, 2008, Obama slipping in polls, Wright speech impact

  The impact of pastor Jeremiah Wright and his racist and hate sermons coupled with the 20 year association with Barack Obama is taking a toll on Obama’s election campaign. Here are the Rasmussen poll results for March 24, 2008: “Nationally, Hillary Clinton now holds a very slight advantage over Barack Obama, 46% to 44%.” John McCain leads Barack Obama 50% to 41% and Hillary Clinton 49% to 42%. In North Carolina John McCain leads Hillary Clinton 50% to 34%. McCain leads Barack Obama 51% to 42%. McCain is viewed favorably by 62%Read More