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“we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor.”          Signers of  The Declaration of Independence

The quote above, the bottom line quote from the American Revolution, is not casual conversation. Our founding fathers risked everything to provide a haven of free speech and a Constitution that protects our rights and our safety. So anytime I hear of someone attacking the US Constitution or disregarding it, I become annoyed.

Melanie Springer Mock, an associate professor in the department of writing and literature at George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon, obviously needs to take some more history classes. And how appropriate that her last name is mock (elitist comments) and she is in the department of writing and literature (creative writing, fiction).

Ms. Mock obviously has no respect for the rule of Law, US Constitution or fellow Americans that do respect the Constitution. Here are some exerpts from an article published on on July, 27, 2009:

“Time for a change — to the Constitution

by Melanie Springer Mock, guest opinion

Monday July 27, 2009, 8:30 AM

The drumbeat of discontent from the so-called “birthers” has started again. Nearly six months after President Barack Obama was inaugurated, fringe members of the conservative party are finding public platforms to argue that Obama has no right to the presidency because he does not have a valid U.S. birth certificate.

Never mind the bigoted undertones of these claims, the unspoken assertion that because Obama does not look like “us,” he is not American.

Such rumors take on an even more sinister hue when birthers rant that Obama is trying to cheat “us” — that he really was born in Kenya, and that his mother doctored the birth certificate or, more egregiously, secreted Obama to Hawaii from Kenya only days after his birth, then secured a U.S. birth certificate for her foreign-born son.

Although these claims are, at best, ludicrous, they should also compel us to consider why the Constitution bans foreign-born U.S. citizens from presidential office — and to amend the Constitution so that questions about birth certificates and origins of birth no longer matter. In doing so, U.S. citizens, like my two sons, might be eligible for the country’s highest office.

My sons seem fit for a political life. Both are gregarious and charismatic, diplomatic, eager to shake hands with strangers and to kiss babies. OK, so they are only 7, but they have the temperaments of budding politicians. But they cannot become president without a constitutional amendment opening the office to foreign-born U.S. citizens.”

Read more:

Ms. Mock could be the poster child for left wing liberal Obots:

She believes that:

  • She is wiser than our founding fathers.
  • Obama has produced a birth certificate.
  • Anyone questioning Obama is a bigot, “birther”, ranter, fringe member.
  • Joe the Plumber is infamous.
  • Her 7 year old foreign born sons have “temperaments of budding politicians.”
  • “But they cannot become president without a constitutional amendment opening the office to foreign-born U.S. citizens.”

The US Constitution rules.
It is the law of the land.

Even if we become so presumptious as to believe we are wiser than our founding fathers, the law was clear when Obama was running for office. The POTUS must be a natural born citizen.


Thanks to commenter Greg Goss.

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