To: Greta van Sustern, Alan Colmes, Fox News, Larry Sinclair in St Paul, MN, remember JUST ONE GUY, Greta quoted Politico

Greta van Sustern. Still looking for the truth on Politico?

Alan Colmes. Still think it is JUST ONE GUY?

Fox News. Up to some real reporting and news coverage?

Larry Sinclair just posted a comment on this blog. He will be in St. Paul MN for the Republican Convention. Here is Larry Sinclairs challenge to Greta Van Sustern, Alan Colmes and Fox News:

“Comment by Larry Sinclair
September 1st, 2008 at 8:11 pm
I just don’t get it Greta, the media including FOX will report on the Obama camps intentional internet rumors attacking Mrs. Palin and her daughter but you people report nothing about the Obama camps attacks, the Obama/Biden Delaware crap or the fact that not a single person has shown me to be anything but truthful about Barack Obama in 1999.

Look FDL cries foul but fails to report that these so called “peace protesters” were anything but peaceful, slashing tires, smashing windows, setting fires and caught on news tape assaulting police officers.


What the idiots at FDL failed to report, which I have verified by simply calling the St. Paul Police Dept. is that these “so called peace protesters” were in fact defacing and destroying property by way of slashing innocent peoples car tires, smashing windows and throwing of objects at police and protesters.

Wow, FDL breaks the law and then screams police state when they are arrested. At least I can honestly say I was arrested for political purpose while being innocent. Hey FDL, its just like your ding-bats to attack from your computers and in mobs. Maybe next time they will forget to load the rubber bullets and put in real ones.

Greta if you speak to Alan Colmes please tell him I will be in St. Paul tomorrow with a mega phone calling him out with the following line “Yo Alan, its Larry Sinclair, remember JUST ONE GUY?”

My DC offer is still open to you Greta.”

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