The Jane Doe Case Files — Part 3, Tales of a Penthouse Pet and Statutory Rape, Paula Jones’ investigators Rick and Beverly Lambert Jane Doe hunt ended on April 1, 1998, FBI interviews transcripts shared with 40 undecided House members, Newsmax March 10, 1999

The Jane Doe Case Files — Part 3, Tales of a Penthouse Pet and Statutory Rape, Paula Jones’ investigators Rick and Beverly Lambert Jane Doe hunt ended on April 1, 1998, FBI interviews transcripts shared with 40 undecided House members, Newsmax March 10, 1999


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From NewsMax March 10, 1999.

“The Jane Doe Case Files — Part 3”

“Tales of a Penthouse Pet and Statutory Rape

For Paula Jones’ investigators, Rick and Beverly Lambert, the Jane Doe hunt ended on April 1, 1998 when Judge Susan Webber Wright dismissed the Clinton accuser’s case on summary judgment. The Lamberts had been on the trail for a mere six months, yet had turned up enough evidence to compel Bill Clinton to settle even after Jones’ case was thrown out of court.

The story of one such Jane Doe, alleged Clinton rape victim Juanita Broaddrick, rocks Washington today because the Lamberts tracked her down and recorded what she told them. And it was that recording, once subpoenaed by Ken Starr, which led to follow-up FBI interviews, the transcripts of which were shared with 40 undecided House members on the eve of President Clinton’s impeachment.

Several congressmen were sickened by what they learned and voted to put Clinton on trial because of it.

With the House passing perjury and obstruction counts by razor-thin margins, the Lamberts’ work proved decisive. The first impeachment of an elected president would not have come to pass but for the evidence gathered by this self-described “mom and pop” investigative team.

Yet the day the Lamberts got word of Judge Wright’s decision their Jane Doe search was far from complete. Rick Lambert told “I’d have given anything if we’d had the entire four years that the case was in existence — because there were so many viable leads that I got, even on my last six-day trip to Little Rock.”

Lambert added, “I don’t mind telling you I was damn dejected to have to quit while we had so much to follow up on.”

The Jones investigators described some of the leads they so desperately wanted to pursue, but not before cautioning that the information was raw and untested. In two cases, women were identified by name but will remain anonymous here, at the Lamberts’ request.

One rather ominous account came from former Clinton bodyguard Barry Spivey, whose name is included on the Jones case supplemental witness list. Lambert described the ex-trooper as a Clinton loyalist still, years after his retirement from the governor’s security detail.

Spivey had become something of a mystery man, who insisted on meeting Rick Lambert on a deserted road nestled deep in the Arkansas backwoods. The Jones investigator admitted he was none too comfortable with the situation.

Spivey shared a story about a conversation he had with Clinton while on a flight over southeast Arkansas. The trooper noticed a blackened patch amidst the greenery below that, surprisingly, Clinton recognized. That patch was all that was left of an estate that had burned to the ground in the mid-80s.

According to the trooper, Clinton began reminiscing about rumors of his involvement with the woman of the house, a onetime “Penthouse pet.” Her husband, Spivey said, was involved in a pornography ring.

Clinton explained to Spivey, “You know that mansion just burned down right on top of them.” Years later, Spivey remains struck by one thing: the eerie expression that crossed Clinton’s face as he spoke those words.

The Lamberts heard many a tale of Clinton’s misdeeds. Some rang true, some didn’t.

Of all the Jane Doe leads described to, one was more shocking than all the others put together. And because of its sensitive nature, Rick Lambert stressed that he had but one witness account to substantiate the story. Still, it was the case that troubled him the most.

This Jane Doe was just 14 years old at the time of her Clinton encounter. And, according to the witness in whom she confided years later, she had attended a 1984 party co-hosted by Arkansas bond daddy Dan Lasater and Clinton’s brother Roger. Both would later serve jail time on drug charges.

As told to Lambert, the girl was rendered unconscious by a deliberate overdose. And when she came to she was half-naked, with the governor of the state of Arkansas on top of her.

Beyond that single sourced account, the evidence to back up the story is circumstantial. Lasater was, for instance, convicted of “social distribution,” based on allegations he used the lure of free cocaine to get wayward young women to entertain his male party guests.

Other corroboration comes from Roger Clinton’s then-landlady, Jane Parks, who has spoken on the record about the wild parties Roger threw attended by his older brother, the governor. Parks says marijuana and cocaine were the intoxicants of choice and the women came and went at all hours of the day and night.

Sometimes the female company was “surprisingly young,” according to Parks. Her office shared a wall with Roger’s apartment and she was able to hear as well as see quite a lot.

In 1997 Parks told the London Telegraph’s Ambrose Evans-Pritchard that she could clearly distinguish Gov. Clinton’s voice through the ventilation duct when, on at least two occasions, he had sex with the party girls.

Parks’ assistant told Evans-Pritchard she thought that some of Roger’s female guests were perilously close to underage, “probably 17, 18 years old.”

According to Lambert, the young assault victim fled Arkansas when Gov. Clinton won the 1992 Democratic presidential nomination. Lambert and several reporters traced the girl, now a woman in her late 20s, to California. But she remained elusive till the end.

This fantastic tale is but one of many still open cases in the Lamberts’ Jane Doe files, and it may never be resolved. But it’s legitimate to wonder: How can one politician generate so many dark stories? Nixon had his enemies, but the charges against him never metastasized like this. Or is this army of Clinton accusers simply making it all up?

Rick Lambert doesn’t think so. “Man, I’d have given anything if we could have kept the investigation going. But I had a business to run and I was hired to look strictly into who got a state job for sex. I wish somebody would just come along and hire me and tell me to just grab these leads and run with them.””

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