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From the Zach Jones Blog:  “Philip Berg, Esq. is Standing Tall For All of Us (Even Without The Blessings of the Lower Court) I for one would like to say thank you Mr. Berg! Dear Sir: I want to publicly extend my deepest appreciation to you, Mr. Berg, for taking on the enormous Constitutional crisis that is facing America; the possibility that a person who might not be eligible, under the requirements set forth in our Constitution, to hold the office for which he is being allowed to run. IfRead More

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Finally we have coverage of the Philip J Berg lawsuit by major media players. Rush Limbaugh has mentioned the lawsuit and now Greta Van Sustern has a proposal to address the birth certificate issue. The Zach Jones blog has an article about Greta’s proposal: “Friday, October 24, 2008 Greta Van Susteren is Breaking Media Silence about Berg v Obama This morning Greta Van Susteren opened a small crack in the media silence concerning the Berg v Obama lawsuit. Greta made the suggestion that all four candidates submit valid birth certificatesRead More

U. S. Diplomacy and Why Larry Sinclair’s allegations of gay sex and drug use must be investigated.,Zach Jones blog

Zach Jones contacted me on my blog this morning and gave me a heads up that he had a post that he was trying to get on the Real Clear Politics blog site. I later learned that his post made it to and was being voted on. Zach just contacted me and  said his post was now off of Real Clear Politics and urged anyone that wanted to post his article. Read his article on U. S. Diplomacy and Why Larry Sinclair’s allegations of gay sex and drug use mustRead More