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After the Health Care Rally in Washington DC, December 15, 2009, many of the attendees visited their Senator’s office in Washington while others in their home states expressed their concern about the Senate Health Care Bill. Here are some videos of concerned patriots visiting one of Senator Claire McCaskill’s offices. “Dana Loesch Expresses Her Concerns To Claires staffer” [youtube=] View more videos here:

Orly Taitz interview, March 17, 2009, Rollye James interview, Obama’s Identity, Obama’s Money, Scotus Tampering, US Supreme Court, YouTube videos

Rollye James interview of Dr. Orly Taitz March 17, 2009 Orly Taitz intro [youtube=] Obama’s Identity [youtube=] Obama’s Money [youtube=] Scotus Tampering I [youtube=] Scotus Tampering II [youtube=] Dr. Orly Taitz website:

Obama racist? Pastor Jeremiah Wright is racist, anti semitic, Obama’s Christian claims, Jeremiah Wright Christian?

The more I examine Barack Obama and those he has associated with, the more concerned I am. Obama has stated he is a Christian and not a Muslim. However, look at the seeds he has sown. For the moment, let’s examine only the Church Obama has been attending and the pastor, Jeremiah Wright, who recently resigned. I will leave the subject of Louis Farrakhan, another racist, being a member of the same church till later. There are several biblical verses that apply, such as “casting pearls among swine”, but weRead More