Writ of Mandamus


Wrotnowski V Bysiewicz, US Supreme Court, December 15, 2008, Justices decide Cort Wrotnowski versus Connecticut Secretary of State Bysiewicz, Writ of Mandamus, Obama not eligible, Stay denied

The US Supreme Court today, Monday, December 15, 2008, the same day that the Electoral College is meeting to vote for president and vice president, has decided:   08A469     WROTNOWSKI, CORT V. BYSIEWICZ, CT SEC. OF STATE     The application for stay and/or injunction addressed     to Justice Scalia and referred to the Court is denied.       Most of the Electors believe, falsely, that they have an overriding obligation to vote base on political party dictates and/or state laws dictating they must vote basedRead More

James Schneller Petition, Pennsylvania Supreme Court, Writ of mandamus, Injunction, Pennsylvania Secretary of the Commonwealth, Demand proof from Senator Barack Obama, Natural born citizen, US Constitution, Prevent certification of the vote, Electors meeting, December 9, 2008

I received the following comment on this blog from James Schneller: “Submitted on 2008/12/08 at 11:45pm I’ve filed a petition for review No, 199 MM 2008, to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, seeking a writ of mandamus and an immediate injunction ordering the Pennsylvania Secretary of the Commonwealth to demand proof from Senator Barack Obama of his sworn statement, filed with his application for placement on the ballot, that he is qualified as a natural born citizen under the United States Constitution. The petition seeks urgent attention to the requested injunctionRead More

Christopher Strunk lawsuit, US Supreme Court, Writ of Mandamus, NY Electoral College, Restrain, Associate Justice Ginsburg, DC District Court, State Constitutional issues, SCOTUS Rule 22, December 4, 2008

Christopher Strunk, on December 4, 2008, placed his NY lawsuit before the US Supreme Court. Strunk’s Writ of Mandamus attempts to restrain the NY Electoral College from voting on December 15, 2008. “Christopher Strunk, being pro se in two cases (one in DC District Court and another appealing to the Supreme Court), served the Supreme Court with an application for Writ of Mandamus to Associate Justice Ginsburg yesterday and served the DC District Court with a Writ as well. The following is an excerpt from an email I received alongRead More