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Obama birth certificate, COLB fake, Obama camp lies,, Politifact I just received links to the best videos and best explanations of the COLB misrepresentations and lies about Obama’s birth certificate. The links were sent to me from Dr. Ron Polarik. I urge you to pass these on to your friends and elected officials. And yes, Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly, if you are listening, and you damn well should be listening, watch the videos. A little truth and facts won’t hurt you. [youtube=] [youtube=]

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From Everett News, January 17, 2010. “Scott Brown campaigns in Middleboro on Saturday night More than 500 supporters attend event” “MIDDLEBORO — Scott Brown pulled into Everett Square on Saturday night and spoke from the back of a pickup truck to more than 500 supporters. The crowd filled the Flat Iron Cafe and even spilled out into the square, filling the parking lot of the Rockland Trust Bank. Brown spoke briefly to the crowd and was greeted with cheers and chants as he outlined his platform and said. “You deserveRead More, Restore the Constitutional Republic website, January 17, 2009, Dean Haskins Chairman, Blog, Forum, Videos, US Constitution, Obama not eligible, Obama not natural born citizen

Dean Haskins, Chairman of Restore the Constitutional Republic has just notified me that the new website is up. We have been working with Dean and the group to inform congress, other officials and the American public of the eligibility issues surrounding Barack Obama and the importance of upholding the US Constitution. Even if Obama is inaugurated, there is a groundswell of concern over violation of the US Constitution, degradation of the rule of law and disregard for this country. Please visit the new site and get involved in saving thisRead More