Thought Police


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George Orwell is probably turning over in his grave. The Thought Police are real. Many of us believed things would get worse if Obama gets elected. Well, they have gotten worse already. The Thought Police, part of the nightmare world revealed by George Orwell in “1984” are alive and functioning in Missouri. The people in control in Orwell’s world fabricated lies that included revisionist history, just as the Obama camp has done. And just like the government of “Big Brother“, Obama and the Obama camp are telling the lies andRead More

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Pre Obama camp, Thought Police Journalist definition: a person engaged in journalism; a writer or editor for a news medium; a writer who aims at a mass audience Obama camp, “1984” definition of Journalist: One who does not question Obama Larry Sinclair has come full circle with the Obama camp. In 2007, Mr. Sinclair made multiple attempts to contact the Obama Campaign regarding his drug and sex encounter with Obama in November 1999. Larry Sinclair, after no response from the Obama camp, produced a YouTube video in January 2008. InRead More

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The left wing socialists, communists, Nazi Brownshirts and Thought Police have taken over the Democrat Party. They have tried to silence and intimidate Hillary supporters during the primaries and the convention. They have attacked and tried to silence anyone questioning Obama. Now they are focusing on conservatives. Larry Sinclair has a new post about Washington, DC Judicial Watch and their investigation into a nationwide effort by a liberal activist group to intimidate supporters of Republican and conservative causes. Here is the Larry Sinclair article: “Judicial Watch Launches Investigation of EffortRead More

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I just spoke to Larry Sinclair and he sent an email with information about how and why his website was shut down. Once again, the same Obama camp thugs are responsible. The have tried personal attacks, death threats, lies, multiple websites being shut down and even phony arrest warrants. I just spoke to Larry Sinclair again. Startlogic will not let him upgrade his service. Here is the info from Larry Sinclair: “THE OBAMA BLOGOIDIOTS ADMIT TO ATTACKING MY SITES SERVERS.  THIS GUESS??? IS EXACTLY WHAT STARTLOGIC JUST STATED AND SENTRead More

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The American people deserve the best leadership available. The American people deserve honest and fair reporting from the media. The American people deserve access to information on the internet. The American people deserve protection from thugs.   Let it be resolved that: Despite: Control of information regarding Obama on the mainstream media and biased reporting. Despite: Scrubbing and repackaging of information on the internet. Despite: Personal attacks, smears and death threats on those questioning Obama and his past. Despite: Attempts to silence those questioning of Obama through threats, shutting downRead More