State Laws


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The ultimate objective of a presidential election to inaugurate a constitutionally qualified president that as closely as possible reflects the will of the people. The states have been given the power and the duty to control presidential elections by the US Constitution. The pervasive attitudes of the state officers and election officials is that they, incorrectly, have no power to qualify presidential candidates and/or they depend on political parties to vet the candidates. The political parties have evolved and changed since the creation of the US Consitution and are givenRead More

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The founding fathers set up guidelines for presidential elections and laid out the rules in the US Constitution and subsequently Federal Election laws. There are two aspects that stand out about the rules. First, the eligibility requirement for president is defined. But even more clear than presidential eligibility, the powers given to the states are clearly defined. The states are given control of the election process through the vote by the Electoral College Electors. The state election laws vary widely and regardless of how explicit and detailed they are written,Read More

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“The people are uninformed, and would be misled by a few designing men.” — Delegate Gerry, July 19, 1787. 1860 election: 4 electors in New Jersey, pledged for Stephen Douglas, voted for Republican candidate Abraham Lincoln. Electoral College must be maintained We must adhere to spirit and intent of law The Electoral College was set up by the founding fathers to achieve two primary goals. To prevent smaller states and lower population areas from being dominated by a few larger states with higher population densities. To prevent a tyrant orRead More