Selective Service


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During the past two years I have read countless articles about Obama, his past and his associations. In conjunction and in many cases in harmony with many others questioning Obama, I have pondered and maintained in the recesses of my memory numerous troubling controversies. Recently, Pastor James Manning  alleged that Obama did not attend Columbia University (college) and that the Saudis paid for his Harvard education. I find that allegation plausible. It is well documented that Obama has employed many attorneys to avoid presenting his birth certificate, college records andRead More

Philip J Berg lawsuit, Obama must respond by September 24, 2008, Obama born in Kenya, Fake COLB, Indonesian citizen, AP photo, Obama alias, Traffic violations, Bar application, Selective Service, Obama response

Barack Obama has been served a lawsuit initiated by Philip J Berg and must respond by September 24, 2008. Obama is a Harvard Law School graduate. If Obama is indeed qualified for the presidency why didn’t he proactively prove this at the beginning. All we have seen so far is a fake COLB on his website and other sites. To add insult to injury,, tied to Annenberg, has proclaimed the COLB real. It is now a near certainty that Obama was born in Kenya and that Obama lied onRead More