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The American people deserve the best leadership available. The American people deserve honest and fair reporting from the media. The American people deserve access to information on the internet. The American people deserve protection from thugs.   Let it be resolved that: Despite: Control of information regarding Obama on the mainstream media and biased reporting. Despite: Scrubbing and repackaging of information on the internet. Despite: Personal attacks, smears and death threats on those questioning Obama and his past. Despite: Attempts to silence those questioning of Obama through threats, shutting downRead More

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Larry Sinclair has a new post about the questions asked last night to John McCain and Barack Obama at Saddleback Church by Rick Warren. Sinclair cites another instance of Obama not being asked tough questions. Here is Larry Sinclair’s article: “August 17, 2008 ROLAND MARTIN: TELL OBAMA TO TALK ABOUT HIS AFFAIRS WITH GAY MEN Radio Talk Show Host, CNN Contributor, and Barack Obama Supporter, Roland S. Martin tells viewers last night on CNN that John McCain failed to answer Rick Warren’s (Saddleback Civil Forum) question when McCain stated hisRead More