Restore the Constitutional Republic


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I have worked with Dean Haskins and the organization on several projects and we are in regular contact. Dean just sent this: “The chairman of Restore the Constitutional Republic, Dean Haskins, will be on the Crystal Chalice Show (Plains Radio) tonight, Thursday, January 22, from 7:00-7:30 CST (8:00-8:30 EST).  Chalice and Dean will be discussing the efforts underway by Restore the Constitutional Republic to galvanize the numerous organizations across the country that have similar motivations and intentions to take our country back to its constitutional roots.” “Restore the ConstitutionalRead More

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“If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed, If you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly, You may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival.” –Winston Churchill I have been working with the group Restore the Constitutional Republic to inform congressmen of the issues surrounding Obama’s eligibility and trying to hold them accountable. The organization and website was formerly called Democratic Disaster.Read More