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“No man can serve two masters.” (Matthew 6:24, KJV)  Congressman Ron Paul of Texas never made it to the US Constitution Hall of Shame. However, Congressman Paul is of interest to the Citizen Wells blog for several reasons. Late in December of 2008, I was informed that Ron Paul had been notified of the eligibility issues surrounding Obama and that Mr. Paul was uncertain about the natural born citizen clause pertaining to the presidency. I was asked to research the natural born citizen clause. I did so and found whatRead More

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Obama is playing the patriot card in a desperate attempt to appeal to the middle of the country, the “silent majority”, that clings to guns and religion. Our ancestors clung to guns and religion, defeated British tyranny and founded this country on the precepts of their religion and the concept of freedom from tyranny. William Randolph Hearst stated: “A politician will do anything to keep his job – even become a patriot.” Thomas Paine wrote:  “These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will,Read More