Obama senate records


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To: Obama thugs Obots, Obama paid bloggers, Obama Kool aid drinkers, Obama left wing supporters, and other low life scum who attack decent Americans. After journalists such as Tim Russert asked about Obama’s IL Senate records in late 2007 and after reading Larry Sinclair’s allegations in January 2008, I began researching Barack Obama’s past. By doing some old fashioned research, I discovered something about Obama’s past, something that led me to research more and ask more questions. I put this question out on the internet: “Where was Obama on NovemberRead More

Obama records, Obama senate records, Obama personal records, Larry Sinclair, November 4 1999, subpoena

What is Obama hiding? What was Obama doing on November 4, 1999? What was Obama doing when he was not attending Illinois Senate sessions? Obama claims that he either did not have records or that they remain with the official senate records. Barack Obama was not present for the senate session on November 4, 1999. Obama must have had his own appointment book or other personal records. Obama must have kept records for tax purposes. Here are some of the responses Obama has given when asked to supply records ofRead More