Obama Nazi Brownshirts


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Notice To: Obama, Obama thugs, Obama Nazi Brownshirts and other unAmerican elements. We support and defend the US Constitution. The Don’t Tread on me Flag has been a favorite of mine since childhood. Every day is Don’t Tread on me Day at the Citizen Wells Blog

Obama Nazi Brownshirts, Thought Police, Intimidate conservatives, Hillary supporters, Voter fraud, Acorn, Larry Sinclair post, Judicial Watch Launches Investigation of Effort to Intimidate Conservatives

The left wing socialists, communists, Nazi Brownshirts and Thought Police have taken over the Democrat Party. They have tried to silence and intimidate Hillary supporters during the primaries and the convention. They have attacked and tried to silence anyone questioning Obama. Now they are focusing on conservatives. Larry Sinclair has a new post about Washington, DC Judicial Watch and their investigation into a nationwide effort by a liberal activist group to intimidate supporters of Republican and conservative causes. Here is the Larry Sinclair article: “Judicial Watch Launches Investigation of EffortRead More