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Obama’s campaign is imploding. Obama must win in the NC primary. Wright’s sermons are show stoppers in NC. Jeremiah Wright has made speeches defending himself. Obama has elevated his non approval of Wright and his sermons. Was this planned by Obama and Wright? Let me know what you think.

Robert Johnson, Obama comments, January 2008, something in the neighborhood, said it in his book, drug use, Clintons, black issues

I have revisited the comment made by BET founder and Hillary Clinton supporter, Robert Johnson. Johnson made the comment at a campaign rally in Columbia, South Carolina in January 2008. The apparent reference in the comment was drug use by Obama (mentioned in Obama’s book) and the inference that Obama may still be doing something in the neighborhood. Below are the quote by Robert Johnson, his apology and explanation and a rebuttal by Obama spokesman Bill Burton: “I am frankly insulted,” Johnson declared, “that the Obama campaign would imply thatRead More