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Jane Hamsher, writing on the blog, firedoglake.com, has stirred up a petition and petitioners to attempt to stop Larry Sinclair’s news conference on Wednesday, June 18, 2008. Visit firedoglake.com, read Jane Hamsher’s articles. She and the blog are openly pro Obama. This is indicative of the Obama Campaign. Accuse everyone else of what you are doing. Jane Hamsher and firedoglake.com are smearing Larry Sinclair and anyone asking questions about Obama. Diversions. Larry Sinclair alleges that he and Obama used drugs and had gay sex on two occasions in November 1999.Read More

Obama campaign, Contributions by employer, Filed 04/20/2008, Interesting donations, NOT EMPLOYED $ 4,960,729.04

Want some interesting reading? Visit the election campaign donations site. Some of the companies/institutions donating are quite interesting. Take for example, the listing: Contributions by employer OBAMA FOR AMERICA       PO Box 8102       Chicago, Illinois   60680 NOTE: Address IS Different than previously reported FEC Committee ID #: C00431445 This report contains activity for a Primary Election Report type: April Monthly NOT EMPLOYED  $  4,960,729.04 Filed 04/20/2008 Several people on a blog recently were questioning how a student could donate thousands of dollars. Lots of donations that I viewed lookedRead More

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I posted yesterday, April 16, 2008 about Anderson Cooper’s blog on CNN, AC360, my comments that were approved and retained and Larry Sinclair’s comment that was moderated, approved and then removed. Other Larry Sinclair comments were not approved. I posed the question yesterday: Why was Larry Sinclair’s comment moderated, approved and then removed. Why would the Anderson Cooper “group” remove a comment they approved. Yesterday I noticed that the post thread was still open. I also noticed that someone posted a derogatory comment about me that was approved by AC360.Read More

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I have been comparing the Obama campaign to pre World War II Nazi Germany and Adolf Hitler for many weeks. Of course my claims have been dismissed by Obama supporters and many times I have been personally attacked for asking simple questions about Obama. I am a student of history and have read a great deal about the era leading up to the second world war and also during and after. The more I observe and think about it, the closer the parallels are. The rise of Adolf Hitler and theRead More

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Larry Sinclair has alleged an encounter with Barack Obama between November 3 and November 8, 1999. Sinclair alleges that he and Obama used drugs in a limousine and had another drug encounter.Larry Sinclair has been repeatedly attacked for making these allegations and has stated that the personal attacks have come from “blind” Obama supporters and bloggers associated with the Obama Campaign. One of the attackers, referred to as Female Law Student and Concerned Citizen, attacks Larry personally and tries to destroy his credibility with purported facts. I have received numerousRead More