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The Democrat party has done a good job of revealing their real agenda. From ramming an unwanted Health Care Bill down our throats to insults from Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and others. Recently NPR, an increasingly liberal radio outlet, insulted millions of concerned Americans and then acknowledging the insult, refused to apologize. NPR insults concerned Americans   “Learn To Speak Tea Bag.” “But what happens when the so-called “humor” crosses the line? It’s one thing to make fun of someone, but trying to discredit an entire movement of frustrated AmericansRead More

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I used to regularly listen to NPR and Rush Limbaugh. Now about all I can tolerate from NPR is listening to “Car Talk.” They used to have more unbiased quality shows. NPR, National Public Radio is publicly funded. From GOP USA, January 5, 2009. “NPR Shows Everyone How to Speak ‘Tea Bag’… with OUR Money” “It is surely true that everyone should have a sense of humor, and, of course, what’s funny to one person is not necessarily funny to someone else. Politicians are mocked, caricatured, and ridiculed all theRead More

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Most people either love or hate Rush Limbaugh. I love what he does. My experience has been that he attempts to base his opinions on facts. Is he biased, of course. Everyone is. Is he an entertainer. Yes by his own admission. I have listened to Rush Limbaugh for many years. I have also listened to NPR for many years. If you want complete analysis of politicians like Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, John McCain or Mike Huckabee or want to find out about the latest and best quality products, listenRead More