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Obama’s campaign is imploding. Obama must win in the NC primary. Wright’s sermons are show stoppers in NC. Jeremiah Wright has made speeches defending himself. Obama has elevated his non approval of Wright and his sermons. Was this planned by Obama and Wright? Let me know what you think.

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Governor Mike Easley has endorsed Hillary Clinton. I was born and raised in NC and still live in NC. I have thoroughly researched Barack Obama. I have never been a Hillary fan but compared to Obama she looks real good. Obama scares the hell out of me. Obama is the devil I know and the devil I don’t know. I spoke to people in small towns in the western and eastern part of NC recently. Their biggest concern was Jeremiah Wright and his remark, “God Damn America.” Folks, this is justRead More

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NC primary voters, PA primary voters, primary voters in other states. I consider myself more of an independent these days. I will be honest with you, I have never been a Hillary Clinton supporter. However, she looks really good compared to Barack Obama. I have thoroughly researched Obama and what I already know scares the hell out of me. Then there is the devil I do not know. Rather than try to summarize why I have this stance, read my blog. Do as much research as you can elsewhere, butRead More

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Pennsylvania primary voters. North Carolina primary voters. If you are considering voting for Obama in PA, NC or any other state, you should watch the YouTube video of John McCain talking about William Ayers and Obama. Obama has had a long term friendship with former undergound bomber Ayers and maintained that friendship with Ayers even after the comments Ayers made after 9/11. I found this video on a great blog, The Centrist Voice. Watch the video of John McCain: