NC Board of Elections


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Legal Notice To: The State of North Carolina The Governor of North Carolina The Attorney General of North Carolina The Secretary of State of North Carolina The NC Board of Elections The Electoral College Electors of North Carolina Whereas: Barack Obama was placed on the ballot in NC in the primary and General Election. Whereas: The NC Board of Elections placed Barack Obama on the ballot solely on the basis of the direction of the DNC, Democratic National Committee. Whereas: The NC Board of Elections has not requested proof ofRead More

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Fox news had a segment on Acorn voter fraud today, Wednesday, October 8, 2008. They indicated that the FBI is currently conducting voter fraud investigations in 10 states. A Fox reporter was in Missouri at the Board of Elections where the FBI was gathering evidence. The reporter found 8 registration forms with the same name. He held up approximately 500 forms that were suspect and will be evaluated by the FBI. Tomorrow, I am going to contact the NC Board of Elections and ask what is being done to prevent voterRead More