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Philip J Berg, Supreme Court, Washington DC, October 29, 2008, MommaE radio show, Uphold the Constitution

From MommaE tak radio: “Hi,   This afternoon’s show is definitely ON!!  I am waiting on a call from Phil Berg!  Everyone that you can rally in the DC area and that can get to the Supreme Court, make some signs that say McCain Supporter’s for the Constitution, Uphold Our Constitution, Obama Supporter’s For The Constitution, American’s Defending Our Constitution and be ready to go at a minute’s notice!!   Mr. Berg will let me know if they are going to be through in time for him to make the 2:10 Train to DC!  I will immediatelyRead More

Jerome Corsi interview rescheduled, MommaE radio show, Corsi interview will be October 14, 2008

I just received this from MommaE: “PLEASE POST THE FOLLOWING STATEMENT ON ALL BLOGS AND E-MAIL TO ANYONE THAT YOU SENT THE ANNOUNCEMENT TO!   I just got a call from Jerome Corsi and something very important came up in Africa.  He didn’t want to lose the opportunity afforded to him, so he asked if he could move the interview to next Monday night the 14th.  He will give us the whole hour that night.  I WILL EXPLAIN MORE ON THE SHOW TONIGHT!!   I extended that courtesy to him as what heRead More

Jerome Corsi interview, Kenya, MommaE radio show, Barack Obama, Obama Nation, Christian missionaries, Islam, African nation, Raila Odinga, Islamic leaders, Corsi interview

Jerome Corsi, author of “Obama Nation” will be interviewed from Kenya on the MommaE blog radio show. Here is the notice we received from MommaE: “I wanted to let you know that I will have a very Special Guest for the first half hour of Monday night’s show.  I will be interviewing Jerome Corsi, the Author of the Best Selling Book “Obama Nation”.   I will be talking to Mr. Corsi from Kenya as he is there investigating Barack Obama.    Mr. Corsi is there at the invitation of Christian missionaries who contend theRead More