Mercy Hospital


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Do you want the government running health care? Is the government efficient? How well will a health care system designed and run by corrupt individuals function? We now have an illegal person occupying the white house. Try to forget for a moment that Obama has hidden his past and refuses to present a legitimate long form birth certificate. Barack Obama should have been indicted and arrested for his part in crime and corruption in Chicago and Illinois along with his co conspirators, Rezko, Levin, Blagojevich, et al. Would you trustRead More

Obama, Bidens, Lobbyists, Corruption, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Attorney General Beau Biden, Michelle Obama, Mercy Hospital, Dr. Robert Weinstein, Stuart Levine, More indictments?

What do Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, Attorney General Beau Biden and Hunter Biden have in common? Ties to crime, corruption and lobbyists. The fabricated warrant from Delaware against larry Sinclair that was recently dismissed, originated in the office of Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden. As you read below, notice the ties to Mercy Hospital. The Washington Post has an article dated August 27, 2008 about Hunter Biden, the lobbyist son of Senator Joe Biden and his connection to Barack Obama. However, after reading about Hunter Biden’s activities, itRead More