Lipstick on a pig’


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The reference to “lipstick on a pig” was used on the official Democratic Party website on August 30, 2008. Elizabeth Berry posted: “Palin does not change one single thing of what the Republicans are offering which is four more years of George Bush. All that McCain did was to put lipstick on the Pig.” Worldnetdaily has an article dated Wednesday, September 10, 2008. here are some exerpts: “Official Democrat website: Palin pick ‘lipstick on a pig’ Posting with photograph of dolled-up swine made before Obama’s controversial remarks Posted: September 10,Read More

Obama, Jeremiah Wright, No respect for women, No respect for America, Wright has affair, Obama insults Palin, Lipstick on a pig’

“Birds of a feather flock together” We have watched Barack Obama disrespect Hillary Clinton and the women of America during the campaign and the Democratic Convention. Obama attended TUCC for many years where his pastor condemned America and said “God damn America.” At the same time, Wright stole his current wife from a man he was marriage counseling and today it was discovered he cheated on his wife in April. Today, the same day we find out about Wright cheating on his wife, Obama insulted Palin. ZachJonesIsHome blog has writtenRead More