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Barack Obama has slipped in the polls due to his connection with racist pastor Jeremiah Wright. Polling data is always suspect, however, the new CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll today, March 18, 2008 looks suspect. Here is the Rasmussen data that came out yesterday: “The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Monday shows John McCain with a six-percentage point lead over both potential Democratic opponents. McCain currently leads Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton by an identical 48% to 42% margin. McCain has a double-digit lead over Clinton among unaffiliated votersRead More

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On March 10, 2008 I posted the results of my informal, unscientific, poll: The current results, Monday, March 10, 2008 are: Yes  38.7 % No   54.8 % Too early to tell 6.5 % I did not realize when I posted these numbers that they almost exactly match the CBS poll of February 25. CBS Poll: Obama 54% Clinton 38% Here are the latest poll results from 2 leading pollsters: Mississippi democratic primary  American Research Group Obama 54% Clinton 38% Rasmussen Obama 53% Clinton 39% Interesting numbers. Coincidence?