Larry Sinclair in St Paul


Larry Sinclair in St Paul, A VERY PRODUCTIVE DAY INDEED, Larry Sinclair handouts, Photos, Sinclair talks to delegates, Police are courteous

Larry Sinclair had a very productive day in St Paul at the Republican Convention. He spoke with press from Spain, Germany, Japan, China as well as US and local. Larry Sinclair had many photos taken of him including some with police officers. Despite what left wing, anarchist, firedoglake blog types stated, Larry Sinclair said the police were very friendly. Sinclair also stated that no one tried to stop him from telling his story. You can view real time updates from Larry Sinclair at: Here is Larry Sinclair’s report: “Wednesday,Read More,,, Larry Sinclair in St Paul, Obama drug sex encounter

Larry Sinclair is in St Paul MN to share his story about his drug and sex encounter with Barack Obama in November 1999. Larry Sinclair is prepared with handouts, clothing with pictures and comments and a loud speaker. Citizen Wells can be found on We will provide updates from Larry Sinclair at: Here are some posts from Larry Sinclair about his trip to St Paul: “Sunday, August 31, 2008 ITS OFFICIAL: HOPE TO SEE YOU IN ST. PAUL Two sided business cards for distribution in St. Paul I am pleasedRead More

To: Greta van Sustern, Alan Colmes, Fox News, Larry Sinclair in St Paul, MN, remember JUST ONE GUY, Greta quoted Politico

Greta van Sustern. Still looking for the truth on Politico? Alan Colmes. Still think it is JUST ONE GUY? Fox News. Up to some real reporting and news coverage? Larry Sinclair just posted a comment on this blog. He will be in St. Paul MN for the Republican Convention. Here is Larry Sinclairs challenge to Greta Van Sustern, Alan Colmes and Fox News: “Comment by Larry Sinclair September 1st, 2008 at 8:11 pm I just don’t get it Greta, the media including FOX will report on the Obama camps intentionalRead More