Larry Sinclair Arrest


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Larry Sinclair contacted me earlier today. Sinclair was provided with confidential information from an insider that Sinclair and I have both been in contact with for months. This insider, who will remain nameless, revealed that Joe Biden told his son, the Attorney General of Delaware, to dismiss the case against Larry Sinclair. He stated that the arrest and warrant had served it’s purpose to affect and discredit Larry Sinclair’s news conference at the National Press Club. This source has demanded anonymity. I have used this source before. Check my trackRead More

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Larry Sinclair was arrested at the National Press Club on June 18, 2008 for an alleged Delaware fugitive from Justice warrant. Sinclair was kept in a local DC jail and later transported to Delaware. Sinclair appeared before a judge in Delaware and was released on his own recognizance. The Attorney General of Delaware is the son of Senator Joe Biden. Senator Biden is often mentioned as one of the front runners for the VP slot of Barack Obama. Listen to the events surrounding Larry Sinclair’s arrest in his own words:Read More

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Larry Sinclair was arrested on June 18, 2008, just after his news conference at the National Press Club. Apparently a DC warrant was fabricated to allow Sinclair’s arrest. Almost a week later, Sinclair was transported to Delaware and appeared before a judge. Sinclair was released on his own recognizance. Larry Sinclair has received 2 letters from the Social Security Administration referring to an alleged Delaware warrant dated February 5, 2008. That is just a few weeks after his first YouTube video came out. The letters were dated June 16 andRead More

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The events leading up to, during and after Larry Sinclair’s news conference seem Orwellian or scripted from Nazi Germany or the Soviet Gulags. You have heard the lies, smears and hypocrisy. You have heard the lies about taking credit for Sinclair’s arrest and about the Colorado warrant. Now for the truth, from Larry Sinclair. I can corroborate much of what Sinclair says. Sinclair is free and here is the experience in his own words:  “What Really Happened At The National Press Club Posted by Larry Sinclair on Tuesday, June 24, 2008Read More

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I posted the following on Larry Sinclair’s blog this morning: 1. Story – Larry Sinclair alleges a drug and gay sex encounter with Barack Obama in November 1999. Larry Sinclair has provided records. Obama has supplied none. 2. Larry Sinclair contacted the Obama Campaign and David Axelrod in 2007. After multiple attempts, Sinclair got no response. 3. In January 2008, Larry Sinclair presented a YouTube video to tell his story. The personal attacks began attempting to discredit Sinclair. 4. In February 2008, Internet pornographer Dan Parisi, who runs the website,Read More