July 7


Blagojevich trial, Evidence, Contribution list, Rezko, Which Duffy?, Citizen Wells open thread, July 7, 2010

Blagojevich trial, Evidence, Contribution list, Rezko, Which Duffy? A piece of evidence was released in the Rod Blagojevich trial yesterday, Tuesday, July 6, 2010. Like any other piece of information, it is a piece of a puzzle of deception and corruption. On this “Projected vs. Actual Contributions” list for June 2004 we have a listing that is totally expected. On the last page we see a action item list of names and whether to call or meet. One of the names listed to call is Duffy. http://www.justice.gov/usao/iln/hot/us_v_blagojevich_exhibits/2010_07_06/fob_list_4.pdf The question is,Read More

Obama, Grand jury presentment, Update, July 7, 2009, Federal Judge Denies Citizen Grand Jury Presentment Filing

From Phil at the Right Side of Life: “In a recent article, I reported that a number of concerned citizens had visited the USDC for DC and submitted a citizen grand jury presentment to Chief Justice Royce Lamberth in hopes that he would issue a response to the paperwork. His order was made July 2, 2009 (h/t TheJAGHunter):” “Quotes relevant to the citizen grand jury movement, going forward, include the following: …And although presentments are constitutionally permitted, there is no authority under the Rules of Criminal Procedure or in theRead More