Jesse Jackson


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Jesse Jackson made some remarks recently when he thought the microphone was off. Rush Limbaugh just stated that all the MSM is doing is damage control and highlighting Jackson’s apology. Below is what Jesse Jackson said provided by Fox News: “See, Barack been, um, Talking down to black people on this faith based… I wanna cut his nuts off.” “Barack…he’s talking down to black people.” To read more and listen to Jesse Jackson’s comments, click here: So, why did Jesse Jackson say that he wanted to cut Barack Obama’s nutsRead More

The Daily Dish, Andrew Sullivan blog, Hillary Clinton, Why she’s losing

Hillary Clinton and her presidential, or even candidate chance. Many of us are wondering the same thing. Is it over for Hillary Clinton. Obviously by the numbers, it is too early to tell. But, is the handwriting on the wall. I keep hearing people from diverse backgrounds say and discern the same thing, that Barack Obama my be more electable. Andrew Sullivan of The daily Dish blog isn’t holding back, Here is a recent post of his headed, Why she’s losing, referring to Hillary Clinton losing ground to Barack Obama and why.Read More