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** See Update Below ** The US Supreme Court has denied Philip J Berg’s Writ of Certiori that challenges Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president. The court did, however, grant the Anderson Amicus Curiae brief associated with Berg’s lawsuit. Jeff Schreiber of Americas Right provides the following information. “A motion filed by a third party seeking permission to file a amicus curiae–“friend of the court”–brief was granted, but with certiorari denied in Berg’s case, it is unclear whether granting the amicus curiae motion is anything more than a formality. PhilipRead More

Berg Response to Defense Motion for Protective Order, Jeff Schreiber explanation, October 9, 2008, Obama’s citizenship, constitutional requirements for the presidency, Obama campaign donations

Philip J Berg filed a motion in federal court today, Thursday, October 9, 2008 to dismiss the motion from Obama and the DNC to stay discovery until after the judge rules on a defense motion to dismiss. Jeff Schreiber, a law student, legal writer and blog owner has provided an explanation of Mr. Berg’s motion. Here are some exerpts: “This morning, Philadelphia attorney Philip Berg filed a response in opposition to the motion for protective order, a measure intended to stay discovery until after the judge rules on a defenseRead More