Fattah Muslim


Bird Flu Distributed by Dept. of Homeland Security, video, Abany NY, Menands New York, Fattah Muslim, 3 Star retired African American General, Power hour radio, Driver had shot to protect himself and family, 109th Air Guard, FEMA trains

This is from Repubx May 2, 2009: “This report is chalk-full of explicit details. Notice the person reporting mentions a Muslim named “Fattah”, over-seeing the pick-ups of this stuff along with a 3 Star *retired* African American General. The driver, Fattah, and the retired General all get paid handsomly in cash from funds at the Bank of America. Bank of America just bought Countrywide Home-loans, who took the biggest hit during housing crisis that triggered the rest economy break-down. The Housing crisis was generated by Fannie Mae using the identicalRead More