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“Ignorance is not bliss.” “Knowledge is Power.” Minnesota could soon be famous for another 2008 Election controversy aside from the Al Franken, Norm Coleman senate race controversy. The Certificate of Voters must be signed and mailed to the US Senate. If Minnesota uses the same Certificate that was used in 2004, they had better rethink sending it in without complying with the reference to the Twelfth Amendment to the US Constitution. There are 2 places in the Twelfth Amendment that refer to presidential eligibility: “as in the case of theRead More

2008 Election Certificate of Vote, Electoral College Electors, California example, Secretary of State, US Constitution, Governor, Alan Keyes, Lawsuit, Obama not eligible, Citizen Wells, Democratic Disaster, December 16, 2008

“Ignorance is not bliss.” “Knowledge is Power.” The Citizen Wells blog and many other citizens have been busy for months informing state officers, election officials, Electoral College Electors and judges of eligibility issues surrounding Barack Obama and reminding those people of their duty under the US Constitution, federal and state laws. Despite these warnings and reminders, the states have plodded along based on tradition, ignorance and party politics. Numerous lawsuits in state and federal courts as well as the US Supreme court should have served as a huge warning thatRead More

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I have begun an article that has evolved out of my efforts to understand all of the election laws as they apply to the 2008 election and Barack Obama’s eligibility. It is clear to me and others that many State officers, Election officials and judges are not performing their duties under the US Constitution, Federal Election Law and state laws. It appears that many are guilty of High Crimes and Misdemeanors. What is also self evident to me is that the states and political parrties that require Electoral College ElectorsRead More

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To: Justice Souter Justice Thomas US Supreme Court Federal Judges State judges State election officials Electoral College Electors       US Citizens The US Constitution must be upheld US citizens have the right, the power and the duty to require proof of eligibilty of presidential candidates What I am about to write is so inherently simple and self evident, that it may appear on the surface to be implausible. However, the following facts and arguments flow from the founding fathers’ wisdom and desire to protect the American citizens from tyrrany. I haveRead More

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I tried to reach Philip J Berg yesterday and will try again. I have tried to not bother him more than is necessary. Mr. Berg has spent countless hours in a just cause to defend and uphold the US Constitution. The rule of law and the US Constitution must be upheld. Period. This means that no matter who is running for the office of president, mo matter what color their skin is or anything else about them, they must be eligible to be president and must, if challenged, prove theirRead More