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Obama New Party socialist affiliations, ACORN, Democratic Socialists of America, 2008 Citizen Wells reports

Obama New Party socialist affiliations, ACORN, Democratic Socialists of America, 2008 Citizen Wells reports “However, when the CHD funds Alinsky-style, church-based community organizations as in the best interest of the poor and supports organizations which advance other agendas, it divests the poor of their right to an authentic voice. This process tends to treat the poor as exploited units of human capital, rather than as human beings created in the dignity of God’s image.” “To accomplish its goals, as outlined in the People’s Platform, ACORN has developed a political allianceRead More

Obama Manchurian Candidate, socialists, radicals, leftist ties, Acorn, Saul Alinsky, Democratic Socialists of America, New Party

Obama Manchurian Candidate Part 1 Socialist, Leftist, Radical ties For over a year, many people have wondered about the puppeteers behind the scenes controlling Barack Obama and directing his socialist agenda. Many have used the description of Manchurian Candidate when referring to Obama and his dubious past and radical, socialist, leftist ties. The best documented aspect of Obama’s past as it relates to possible ties with socialist and communist countries, is his strong, long time ties to socialists, leftists and radicals. Here are a few of the more blatant ones. Obama’s longRead More

Obama, Acorn, Community organizer, New Party, Democratic Socialists of America, DSA, Saul Alinsky, Obama Acorn attorney, Exploited poor, Acorn voter fraud, Obama lied about his connection to Acorn

Acorn, community organizers and socialists. Report to catholic Bishops. Community Organizers “patterned on Alinsky’s organizational recommendations” “politically oriented thrust of ACORN’s activities” “Alinsky-style, church-based community organizations” “tends to treat the poor as exploited units of human capital” Socialist parties “ACORN has developed a political alliance with the Democratic Socialists   of America (DSA).” “ACORN and the DSA have formed a political party, the New Party.”  Mortgage crisis “ACORN has been openly active in Congressional lobbying.” “ACORN’s work on the savings and loan bailout…applying power” “ACORN members won appointment to the ResolutionRead More

Obama, Acorn, New Party, Democratic Socialists of America, Catholic Bishops, Obama’s radical past, New Party endorsed Obama, Obama Acorn New Party Marxist Socialist connections

I was preparing to write an article about Obama being a member of and being endorsed by the New Party and the Democratic Socialists of America. The NoquarterUSA blog came out with an excellent article yesterday on this subject and since they do such a great job, I will quote them. I will add a few points but more importantly show the involvement of Acorn in the socialist efforts. The New Party “Obama is Hiding a Radical Past! By Matthew Weaver” “Did you know that Barack Obama was affiliated withRead More