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More Obama Lies   ****  Update  Below 12/7/09, 1:05 PM ET  ****  Weeks before I read the Wall Street Journal article below, I knew that ObamaCare would raise rates for existing health care policy holders and that the impact would happen sooner than later. Several weeks ago, a close personal friend informed me that their Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance premium had been significantly raised. When this person called the insurance office, they were told it was happening across the board. I then ran into a friend of mineRead More

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From Reuters: “New deficit projections pose risks to Obama’s agenda” “WASHINGTON (Reuters) – President Barack Obama’s domestic policy proposals will face the reality of skyrocketing deficits on Tuesday when officials release two government reports projecting huge budget shortfalls over the next decade. The White House budget office and the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), a non-partisan arm of Congress, release updated economic forecasts and deficit estimates on Tuesday, providing further fiscal fodder to opponents of Obama’s nearly $1 trillion healthcare overhaul plan. Many of the figures are already known. The WhiteRead More