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Rezko, Obama, Blagojevich, Larry Sinclair, press conference, Chicago, Illinois, Middle east, corruption, Rezko talk?, Cocaine use, Obama indictment next?

I have been following the Tony Rezko trial and his ties to Obama, Governor Blagojevich and crime and corruption in Chicago, Illinois and the Middle East. Now that Rezko has been convicted, more indictments are probable. Larry Sinclair is holding a press conference this week. Was Obama using cocaine in November 1999? Many aspects of Obama’s past, that the Obama campaign has tried to hide, are surfacing. If you are buying in to the Obama Campaign’s latest spin ploy, fighting rumors, this is about court testimony and documentation. The pictureRead More

Barack Obama cocaine user, Larry Sinclair, November 1999, cocaine use, gay sex encounter, missed November 4 1999 senate session

I was skeptical of the report by Larry Sinclair at first. Larry Sinclair produced a YouTube video with allegations that he had a rendevouz with Barack Obama in November of 1999 in the Chicago area. The alleged encounter took place in a rented limo from Five Star Limosene Service and in a local lounge. I did some research and here are the facts surrounding the allegations: 1. Barack Obama missed the post summer opening session on November 4 1999. Here is the direct statement from the proceedings. “1st Reading ofRead More