Hillary Clinton leading in Ohio, Barack Obama leading in Texas primary

In early primary reports, Hillary Clinton is leading in Ohio and Barack Obama is leading in the Texas primary.

Federal income tax, Clinton versus Bush comparison

Once again, the nice lady from the west coast has delivered an interesting email. Think the democrats are watching out for the little guy? Think George Bush and the republicans are just trying to help the wealthy? Read the following: After watching a focus group of democrats that watched the democratic debate the other day in Vegas, ….  for the most part, all of them bashed Bush over and over again on how he is out for his millionaire friends and the big oil companies and he has totally forgottenRead More

Hillary Clinton, Hillary Clinton’s chances poll, over for Hillary Clinton, poll results

Obama appears to have the momentum at the moment, however delegate wise, it is very close. Many are seeing the end for Hillary Clinton, especially with recent losses and many endorsements, including endorsements from former Clinton supporters. Mark Twain once said, “reports of my demise are greatly exaggerated.” Is Hillary Clinton’s demise greatly exaggerated? Does Hillary Clinton still have a chance? Vote in the poll to your right.