Can Obama win the presidency?


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I have been running an informal poll on this blog for weeks. First of all, this is not a scientific poll. That being said, other polls I have had have tracked close to other polls and have trended in a reality based manner. This Poll has consistently trended to a higher number of people saying no to Obama’s chances at the Presidency. Early on it was 2 to 1, no versus yes, and for several weeks it was 3 to 1. The latest results show 3 to 1, no versus yes. Here areRead More

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Here are the results of the completed poll: Is Barack Obama a Racist? Yes            63 % No              31 %  Not sure      6 % The above poll ran for 1 week with the percentages staying fairly constant. This is a unscientific poll. The new poll asks the question, can Barack Obama win the presidency? Please vote.