Bar application


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What will bring down Barack Obama and when will it happen? Barack Obama, the candidate that was not vetted by the DNC, the candidate that gained the nomination of the Democrat Party by voter fraud, a free ride from the MSM, Obama thugs attacking those questioning him and by Nancy Pelosi ramroding him through the convention, will be taken down by his past. If Obama is not removed before or after the election, we will know that the powers controlling him have disabled the checks and balances that were designedRead More

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Barack Obama has been served a lawsuit initiated by Philip J Berg and must respond by September 24, 2008. Obama is a Harvard Law School graduate. If Obama is indeed qualified for the presidency why didn’t he proactively prove this at the beginning. All we have seen so far is a fake COLB on his website and other sites. To add insult to injury,, tied to Annenberg, has proclaimed the COLB real. It is now a near certainty that Obama was born in Kenya and that Obama lied onRead More