August 22


Drake v Obama, Brief filed, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, Citizen Wells open thread, August 22, 2010

Drake v Obama, Brief filed, Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Just in from Wiley Drake, plaintiff in Drake v Obama. “This is the brief we filed last Thursday (8/12) in the ninth circuit.” “STATEMENT OF THE CASE APPELLANTS, members of the American Independent Party, bring this appeal from the District Court’s October 29, 2010, ruling granting the defendants’ Motion to Dismiss (ER 1). APPELLANTS seek a determination by the Court as to whether Respondent Barack Obama (hereinafter referred to as “OBAMA”) met all the constitutional requirements for eligibility for theRead More

Trent Franks, US representative, Arizona, Town hall meeting, Saturday, August 22, 2009, Obama birth certificate, Franks questions Obama, health care reform, Franks considering filing a lawsuit, ACORN fraudulent

US representative Trent Franks of Arizona, conducted a Town hall meeting, Saturday, August 22, 2009, in Kingman, AZ. Health care reform, national defense and illegal aliens and even fraudulent ACORN were discussed. However, what was most interesting about Trent Franks’ comments was his questioning Obama on not producing a birth certificate and indicating he may initiate a lawsuit. I am not certain if representative Franks really understands the eligibility issues, but at least he understands that there may be a problem. Here are three action items for us to address:Read More

Wilmington NC tea party, Saturday, August 22, 2009, health care bill, socialism, big government, US Constitution

I was fortunate to be in Wilmington,  NC today, Saturday, August 22, 2009 and honored to speak with a group assembled for a tea party to protest government run health care, socialism and abuse of the US Constitution. From the Youtube video I just posted: “I was fortunate to be in Wilmington, NC at the right moment to film a Tea Party protest of the government health care plan, socialism and big government in general. These were friendly, average Americans that were not paid to be there and were notRead More